art for big kids: Patrick Hruby

Imaginary_Castle_Patrick Hrubry

I was browsing for inspiration when I came across Patrick Hruby’s fantastic illustrations. As we have a very grown up flat and are nowhere near the age of being able to buy stuff for kids then I will either have to rationalise myself into being able to buy a print from somewhere or just content myself with the site (which is very beautiful and cleverly whizzes through lots of illustrations whilst getting to the one you have selected – kind of like a digital card shuffle):

Patrik hubry stylish illusrations

looking at these actually reminded me of how homewear seems too be picking up a gaphic illustration style too – check out this tray from liberties:

London tray liberties

I am yet to work out the fasghion equivalent (aztec cardigans perhaps?) but I really feel that buying prints in this illustrative style is far more fun and fresh than all the typographic posters that have been litrering trendy design stores for the past few years – go forth and embrace your inner child!

time for a new trend perhaps?


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