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Friends of Oasis: But how similar are these new additions?

Topshop are known for their concessions floors, H&M have owned designer partnerships and now Oasis has branched out to include 3 new brands into their stores.

How close Friends are they really?
Friends of Oasis sees three new concessions added to Oasis stores (from the press release it seems to be Liverpool and London leading the way, with concessions launching in Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Kingston, Lakeside and Reading later on.) But when I visited the store in Argyll street on Friday I had to question how closely the afinity of the new brands were to Oasis.

Oasis position the new concessions as ‘Like minded brands, that share our passion for fashion.’ For me the Oasis shopper wants fashion that will last; clothes that look and feel good but will last the season and some more (I have a dress that I bought in school that I still pull out for winter meetings). They are the kind of people that see the value in buying a designer handbag that will last the test of time but don’t have the resources to do it.

And whilst the designers they have chosen are fashion forward, a lot of the items I saw in the Argyll Street store were high polyester and obviously so – to me that is not something that would appear in an Oasis collection and so shouldn’t appear in any concession they associate with. So far, so not likeminded.

Sharing a passion for fashion
On the fashion side of things, the brands fare slightly better.

Fever is their ’60’s siren’ range and has some nice dresses that I can see being good for the office.

Friends of Oasis: Fever dressOasis Stores: Fever Dress 2

Pretty yes. Dramatically different from what I can find elsewhere on the high street? Hmmm

Max C is slightly better in that their designs are a little bit different. Their blurb calls the brand ‘quintessentially British’ and this Peter Pan collar dress doesn’t disappoint.

Oasis Dress Max C Peter Pan collar dress

They also have some cute school style cardies.

Oasis Stores: Max C Grey School Cardigan
However, I have to ask – is this all just a little bit copycat rather than leading the pack?

So onto True Decadence, the party brand. There are a few dubious cutout options….

Oasis Stores True Decadence Cut out Dress

But if you root around then there are a few gems to be found.

Oasis True Decadence: Colour Block Dress

So I’m not convinced. But it will be interesting to see how the sales figures show what the rest of shoppers think about Oasis new friends. What do you think- brave move to keep up with trends in retail or brand damaging? Do you feel these brands fit with your view of Oasis?


Travel Card holders don’t have to be dull: Artistic travel card holders

Paperchase Under cover Travel Card holder

Invest in the small things

I once worked with a guy who always carried around a tiny silver pencil and would not write in anything else. When I asked him about it he said, ‘You spend all day with a pen and paper, so making these things the best that they can be will majorly improve your day.’

This is how I feel about travel card holders; if you live in a city you spend a lot of the day commuting so it’s worth investing in something that will brighten up your morning commute.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite designs below.

Go vintage with Penguin Vintage Book cover travel card holder

‘The Lost Girl’ is my current holder (due to the personal reason of not being particularly good with directions.) I can only find two designs at present, but I’m hoping they’ll be releasing more soon.

Wilde & Wolfe Penguin Vintage Travel Holder: The Lost GirlWilde & Wolfe Penguin Vintage Travel Card Holder: On the Road

Disaster Designs up a travel beauty with their envelope style travel card

Perfect for the globe trotter who is currently stuck in the city, this airmail style travel card holder reminded me of sunnier times when I was dredging through the snow last November.

Disaster Designs: Paper plane travel pass holder

TFL’s take on travel card style

TFL has quite a wide range of travel card holders on their website (and does some quite nifty limited edition collaborations with artists and designers across the year.) I love the way that they have added texture into the range with their wooden travel card designs.

TFL Vintage Wood Travel Card HolderTFL Tom Dixon Travel Card Holder

Paperchase pulls it off again

What can I say? Ice cream colours, girly designs, just lovely.

Paperchase Under cover Travel Card holderPapercase Under Cover Travel Card Holder Orange