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This lamp reminds me of Patrick Caufield

Something from us_Green_White_Green Wire lamp

And I can’t quite work out why…

When I looked at his prints it was not immediately obvious to me but there is a definite Caufieldness to this lamp. Maybe it’s the focus on lines to create the object or the focus on the edges rather than the normally solid centres that does it.

Patrick Caufield, Oh Helen I roam my room

Either way I want this lamp.

Interestingly enough even though the lamp is being sold at Brighton POD, my new furniture stalwart, is actually made by a creative team rather than an interiors designer; Something from Us are a London based creative duo who seem from their site to have turned their hand to everything from interiors (check out their designs for London burrito bar Poncho no8) through to rebranding Cornwall.

The teams lack of interiors focus is interesting – it gives them a wider portfolio that is bound together by the same graphic and linear style. This for me is really refreshing to look at.

Do you think it adds a freshness to design when you take it away from being about a certain space (ie. interiors) and open it up to design for all spaces that we live in? Or should designers stick to what they know?


Escape the stress of re-decorating: Holly Palmer’s unusual solution

Shopping for furniture can be boring, dull, stressful, expensive … I am someone who hates time spent in IKEA and so can very much appreciate how you could go slightly out of your mind when attempting to furnish your home in a stylish and yet tongue in cheek fashion.

So I very much appreciated it when I came across this hilarious chair from Holly Palmer @Brighton POD

Holly Vernon Thought Box and Stool

Described as  “a thinking unit for the modern user, a personal space in which to simply think. Inspired by Victorian Inventions”, the stool comes with a series of filters so you can filter the light allowed into the box according to your mood and a set of earplugs. Those who are space conscious will be pleased to know that the box fits neatly beneath the chair when you are done escaping the world so there is no chance you will trip over the little black box and remind yourself of your near melt-down that happened just 5 minutes earlier.


(Seriously though Brighton POD has a lot of unusual pieces that come from artists and designers and make a great talking point piece. Check out their website for some other less wacky designware.)

Party time

I admit that it is a little late to be looking at buying party clothes as most of us are now through the majority of the Christmas party rush. But this year has been so manic that it’s only now that I actually have time to look at the baubles and treats to entice us into spending just a little bit extra.

And of course, there are a few things that I just had to share…

Andy Crossbody Posse clutchSigerson Morrison Leather sandall

Andy Crossbody clutch, Sigerson Morrison Leather sandall both at Gilt

The Andy Crossbody clutch is the perfect combination of touch style and girlie party wear. I’d wear it to dress up my jeans and top after the office combination or with a slouchy Cos sweater dress to give a nod to the holiday season.

The shoes, ahhhhh the shoes, would go with anything this season. The perfect combination of blocky heel and strappy sole means you could dress them up with some evening trousers or use them in the day with knitted tights and a sweaterdress.

Sky stacks neclace     Aurelie Bidermann cuff

Those who know me know I love chunky jewellery hence the beautiful anthropologie necklace and the festive red cuff from Aurelie Bidermann which is apparently inspired by Greek mythology

Anthropologie sky stacks necklace, Aurelie Bidermann cuff
Mmmm I wonder if Santa’s listening? If you are then I have been a very good girl this year…

Sneak Peak: Marni at H&M (video)

Oh my god how exciting. I personally wasn’t a great fan of the Versace at H&M collection – for me it was a case of brands with completely different styles and ethos coming together. But Marni and H&M looks from the sneak peak video they’ve posted about the collection to be a match made in heaven.

The collection launches in March next year. I’m expecting clashing, kooky prints and gorgeous chunky jewellery – check out the necklaces and bracelets shown in the video.

For me the Kurt Geiger & H&M collaboration has been my favourite high street meets designer so far – the merging of beautiful cocoon jackets in leather and slightly punky belts and shoes made it for me. But this I feel may top all of that. Roll on March…

Donna Wilson: Add some humour to your cushions

I’ve been searching high and low for gifts for one of my closest gal pals. And instead of gifts for her, I’ve found a gift for me.

Humorous designs that are playful and bring out my inner child; I’d love to see these sat on my sofa.

Donna Wilson cushion badgerDonna Wilson Blah, Blah Blah cushion

Donna Wilson Forest Green CushionDonna Wilson Small Oak Leaf  Tree Cushion

100% lambswool (and therefore super, soft and snuggly) these are all hand knitted which just adds to their homely appeal. The little and big trees are my personal favourites as I can see them being a talking point when people visit, but equally I can already see the badger cushion in the nook room I’m planning for our new place.

Donna Wilson’s products cushions are currently being featured on the Design Museum’s website, but take a look at her personal site to get a full feel for her style.