Escape the stress of re-decorating: Holly Palmer’s unusual solution

Shopping for furniture can be boring, dull, stressful, expensive … I am someone who hates time spent in IKEA and so can very much appreciate how you could go slightly out of your mind when attempting to furnish your home in a stylish and yet tongue in cheek fashion.

So I very much appreciated it when I came across this hilarious chair from Holly Palmer @Brighton POD

Holly Vernon Thought Box and Stool

Described as  “a thinking unit for the modern user, a personal space in which to simply think. Inspired by Victorian Inventions”, the stool comes with a series of filters so you can filter the light allowed into the box according to your mood and a set of earplugs. Those who are space conscious will be pleased to know that the box fits neatly beneath the chair when you are done escaping the world so there is no chance you will trip over the little black box and remind yourself of your near melt-down that happened just 5 minutes earlier.


(Seriously though Brighton POD has a lot of unusual pieces that come from artists and designers and make a great talking point piece. Check out their website for some other less wacky designware.)


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