This lamp reminds me of Patrick Caufield

Something from us_Green_White_Green Wire lamp

And I can’t quite work out why…

When I looked at his prints it was not immediately obvious to me but there is a definite Caufieldness to this lamp. Maybe it’s the focus on lines to create the object or the focus on the edges rather than the normally solid centres that does it.

Patrick Caufield, Oh Helen I roam my room

Either way I want this lamp.

Interestingly enough even though the lamp is being sold at Brighton POD, my new furniture stalwart, is actually made by a creative team rather than an interiors designer; Something from Us are a London based creative duo who seem from their site to have turned their hand to everything from interiors (check out their designs for London burrito bar Poncho no8) through to rebranding Cornwall.

The teams lack of interiors focus is interesting – it gives them a wider portfolio that is bound together by the same graphic and linear style. This for me is really refreshing to look at.

Do you think it adds a freshness to design when you take it away from being about a certain space (ie. interiors) and open it up to design for all spaces that we live in? Or should designers stick to what they know?


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