S&D Interiors: 5 tips to work a statement chair in your room

If you can only afford one statement piece then make it a chair. A great chair can lift the feel of a room and add a bit of contemporary design to even the most plain of rooms.

When you pick your chair here are my top tips to consider:

1. Pick something that adds a different colour some colour to your life.

Good for minimalists. If all your walls are white take a peek at this great example of how coloured furniture can be used to make your minimalist room pop with life.

This sofa from de vorn would add a zing of blue to even the most minimalist of rooms. (OK so not a chair but I was so enamoured with it that I HAD to share).

Simone Micheli Pink-white-lounge

2.  Add some texture to your room

Similar to the point above really. Take a look at blogger elements of style uses a sheepskin stool to layer texture onto this room. Also love the way in which she has worked in an IKEA bed into the room whilst keeping it looking luxe.

Elements of style Diseno Bos stool

3. Choose a chair that will be a talking point

If you are choosing a chair for your statement piece then you need to make it as unusual as you can. The Shadow Chair by Chris Duffy immediately stood out for me as it’s stylish and intriguing – every time I look at it I’m struck by how clever this little bit of design is.

Duffy shadow chair group

How does it stand up? It’s all about the shadow which is actually the chair base and gives the chair all the weight it needs to remain standing.

4. Go classic

Yes we can’t all afford to do this but it is worth the money if you can afford it. Alternatively, sites like Made.com and Go modern have some good replicas that will give you the designer feel and a more affordable price

5. Don’t conform

Your sofa or chair doesn’t have to look like something to sit on – make it a work of art. The Marshmallow sofa by Vitra doesn’t look like a sofa but is surprisingly comfortable once you get past the fact that it feels as if you shouldn’t sit on something so like a gallery piece. Me however, I’m coveting the Ghost chair – it defies the notion that chairs should be soft and snuggly. I can imagine staring at it and dreaming of the beach.

Ghost Chair - glass-and-wood-chair


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