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the affordable art fair returns

Affordable art fair

We were lucky enough to be given some free tickets to the affordable art fair in Hampstead this year from a friend who had been compd after buying a particularly large and beautiful painting.

The art fair itself is an amazing concept – a giant tent has been errected in the middle of the heath and filled with all types of modern artworks. (It’s a real pity the site doesn’t have a pic of the tent because this giant structure is almost as impressive to my slightly geeky self as the art itself.)

We were pleased and a little surprised to see some of the artists we’ve bought works from in shops and markets here in the art fair. So I thought I’d share my top picks.

Laura Jordan

We came across Laura Jordan’s work in the Backyard Market. The boy and I bought each other a print each to celebrate our anniversary (being typical in our inability to agree on one to buy).

Laura’s work is now on the Time Out First Thursdays art nights, she’s working with the NSPCC and has been interviewed for numerous blogs. I love her destructive style; the tiny people in her drawings look cute at first glance but then when you look deeper you notice all sorts of gruesome details such as crashed buses, angry commuters, trash.

Laura Jordan art

Moose Allan

Moose Allan’s pen and ink drawings have a sense of fun and humour about them that I just can’t resist. His website the world of moose is beautiful too.

Moose Allan art: this is how I spread joy

Ceal Warnants

This is the first time I’ve seen Ceal’s work and I have to admit that, at first glance I took it to be a boring Enid Blyghton style illustration that smacked of my idyllic childhood upbringing. But take a look at the details of her works and you will see a sharp subversive edge, a usurping of the traditional British values that her work seems to show that I just love. My favourite work, Michael’s Mistake is a little too detailed to show here so I’ve picked the slightly more obvious Etiquette for Girls to show but make sure you check out Jealous Gallery for more of her work.

Jayoon Choi

Also represented by the Jealous Gallery is Jayoon Choi, an observational people watcher who’s queues of people and individual characters are so everyday that they immediately feel familiar and friendly. From the humourous ‘are they looking at what I’m seeing’ to the tiny moments he’s captured in his people series, this totally appeals to people watchers of all types.

Jayoon Choi People at Jealous Gallery

Edouart Buzon

And finally, the lovely Edouart Buzon who’s mixed media masterpieces I can only dream of owning at the moment.

Edouart Buzon at Gallerie D'Envie

Edouart Buzon can be found at Gallerie D’Envie.